Helpful Tips for Raising Happy Whippet PupsHelpful Tips for Raising Happy Whippet Pups

Whippet puppies, like puppies of any other breed, require a lot of care, responsibility, training and routine to be raised into happy and well-adjusted adults. As your pup grows up, you’ll want to take these tips into account to ensure that they are their happiest in your home.

Routine Grooming of Your Whippet

Whippets have very short fur that is quite velvety to the touch, so they are remarkably easy to keep clean and fresh. Unless they get into something sticky or otherwise stubborn to remove, a quick once-over with a damp chamois will keep their fur and skin in great shape. If they have gotten into something that they shouldn’t have and can’t be removed from their fur with a chamois alone, only then should they be given a bath.

Brushing your whippet is a simple matter of using a firm bristle brush. Most whippet owners do not need to have extensive grooming supplies (like different brushes) due to the short length of their dog’s fur.

Keep an eye on your whippet’s nails, as they can grow too long and cause problems when they walk or if their nails get stuck on something.

Where to Keep Your Whippet

Whippets are not ideal outdoor dogs, not by a long shot. While they will certainly love a good sprint through the yard or a field, their ideal place to be is snuggled up on the couch with their humans. Their skin is remarkably thin and since they do not have a thick layer of fur to protect their bodies, they can become injured rather easily. Minimize this risk by having them inside when not exercising.

Their thin skin and short fur also contribute to the whippet’s hatred of cold temperatures and rain. When the weather is inclement, keeping your whippet inside is the best course of action.

Exercising Your Whippet

Though whippets should be spending most of their days indoors, they benefit greatly from short periods of time where they can expel their energy outside. 40 minutes at a time, about twice a day, should be suitable for getting your whippet some much-needed exercise. As sight hounds, they love to give chase to an object, so any kind of play that could facilitate this impulse is ideal.

Because whippets love to chase, it’s best to avoid having them run where they have access to roads. Whippets can be vulnerable to getting hit by cars because it is in their nature to go after them.