Fun Facts About the WhippetFun Facts About the Whippet

Whippets are an incredibly popular breed of dog, though they are often confused for greyhounds. Admittedly, the two look very similar, but whippets have their own unique attributes that set them far apart from their greyhound cousins. In fact, there is a lot that many people simply don’t know about the whippet. Continue reading for seven fast and fun facts about this spectacular breed.

They’ll Sleep on the Furniture

Whippets are known for hating hard surfaces, especially when lying down, so expect to see your canine companion dozing on the couch or bed.

They’re Not Fond of the Cold

Whippets are thin pups, standing at around 20 inches tall and averaging about 30 pounds in weight. Their fur is also very short, making them not exactly suited to ice-cold temperatures.

They are Couch Potatoes that Love to Run

There are two things in the world that delight whippets more than anything – sleeping and running at full speed. Whippets are often bred for the purpose of coursing or racing, but once they are tuckered out, they will sleep for hours!

They’re Great Additions to Families

Whippets are notoriously even-tempered and calm. Many of these dogs happily live with children, cats and other animals without incident, though they may take to chasing the cat around the house – just for fun, of course.

They are Not Great Protection Dogs, However

These dogs are not aggressive and are very clingy to the few people that they live with. If you’re looking for a dog that will lunge and bite, you might want to look at a breed other than a whippet. The only damage these dogs are likely to inflict is a welt caused by the rapid-fire wagging of their tails.

Their 18th Century Nickname is “The Poor Man’s Racehorse”

In Great Britain in the 18th century, whippets were popular for races involving the snapping up of rabbits, also known as “snap dog contests.” During the Industrial Revolution these races became a bit more refined, with the dogs chasing a flag down a runway. This is when the whippet earned the nickname of “the poor man’s racehorse.”

They Can EAT

Though the whippet is a slender breed, they can put food away like nobody’s business. Make sure to keep any food you don’t want them having completely out of reach. Otherwise, they will find a way to get it!

All in all, whippets are incredibly fun family dogs that will make anybody feel grateful for their existence. Their mild-mannered nature and love of snuggling up to people make them great for cozy days in the house, while their fondness of running means that they are exceptional racing dogs.